When you stumble …


When I shop, I always read the quirky sayings in stores. They are usually on a block of wood, a coaster, or a tea towel. I saw this saying on a stone coaster at the LA Arboretum. I took a picture of it to remember it (the image on the blog is my actual coaster). My dear friend who was shopping with me that day bought it for me as a Christmas gift. It is truly one of my favorite gifts. One – because she remembered I loved it and two – the phrase on it.

If you stumble, make it part of the dance

One change I would make is to change the IF to WHEN. We all stumble. No one is perfect or immune from mistakes in this world. So how do you handle it when you stumble? Do you blame others? Do you hide in embarrassment? Do you cry (I do this a lot more than I like to admit)? Do you get back up and try again? Or maybe you do all of the above.

The key to this phrase is “make it part of the dance.” As a performer (I’m a singer and a teacher), I often stumble in a public setting. I forget a word or phrase while I’m singing from time to time. However, when I do, I keep going. I make up new lyrics or repeat a phrase from somewhere else in the song. I do my best to not let it show in my face or body language. I continue on and most people are none the wiser. As a teacher, I have gone down the wrong path to which I tell students, “Stop, erase that, and let’s start over.” I can’t hide it as easily as I do when singing but addressing directly reduces the embarrassment of it.

The next time you stumble (and there will be a next time unfortunately), how can you change your reaction, or even your internal dialog, to “make it part of the dance?” You will never be perfect. You will never do it 100% right. However, you can enjoy the journey and embrace those stumbles and create a beautiful dance for others, and yourself, to enjoy.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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