Beth Moore brought God’s word to Mariners church last weekend. An incredible place to be with 3300 of us in attendance. I love to learn and I value the teaching style of Beth. I actually bought my ticket a year ago. As the day approached, I realized my normal Beth friends weren’t going. I planned to go alone. I was there to listen anyway. However God had great plans. A last ditch effort to find a friend was made as I posted “anyone going to Beth Moore” on Facebook. My childhood, and current, friend was going. She saved me a seat with her church group. It was nice to have a friend in the midst of so many people. (Thanks Jill).

What did I learn last weekend? In no particular order…

1) We make plans and God has plans within those plans. Reconnecting with Jill was wonderful. To share this type of spiritual depth with a childhood friend warmed my heart. I saw God’s hand in it all.

2) Our spiritual vision is easily clouded. By what, you ask? Judgement is one. Remove the plank in your eye before you judge the speck in your friend’s eye. Sin is another reason. We may be so strong in our faith but blinded to an area of sin in our life. She gave an example of her godly grandmother. She loved Jesus but had issue with anyone not white. It was acceptable in that era but still sin in God’s eyes. What sin are we blinded to that is clouding our vision?

3) God brings 3300 people to one place for unique reasons. To get a break. To be refreshed. To encourage another attendee. To be encouraged. To reach the masses. One young woman was singled out because Beth read a letter she wrote. The young woman has prosthetic eyes. She couldn’t see. The young girl shared how encouraged she was to understand her spiritual vision was more important and embraced that as her way to “see” on earth. Wow. Powerful.

4) Humility means giving God all the glory. We ended the conference with worship. The worship team played and sang. The last song was acapella. Each musician slowly left the stage. When we sang the Amen in the song the stage was empty. Only God’s presence remained. I get chills as I remember that moment. True humility. A moment God received all of our focus.

If Beth Moore and her team ever come to your area, it’s worth it to attend. God is there. You will be changed. Thank you for your ministry and example Living Proof Live.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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