Easter redefined


I hope you all took time to celebrate and reflect on Easter. Easter is our Christian celebration of Jesus’s amazing gift of eternal life. Jesus was killed on Good Friday but on Easter Sunday we celebrate His resurrection – He came back to life and went to heaven to prepare a place for us. He sacrificed His life to pay the payment required for our disobedience to God. Now, through our relationship with Jesus, we can freely approach God’s throne. We are made whole and holy because of Jesus.

Yesterday was Easter. For those of us who celebrate, it looked different. We had our wonderful ham dinner with all the fixings but my parents and friend who come every year weren’t here. Instead of dressing up in a new dress or outfit, we wore PJs and slippers to online church. Our Easter baskets weren’t so full this year – no candy (we are eating enough in our quarantine) and just one item (due to a major pay cut at my work we are scaling back). We actually had a rainy day on Sunday in California so outdoor events weren’t even an option.

What was the same? The worship online still ushered us into God’s presence. The sermon touched my heart and changed me. The outreach message stirred my spirit to pray for many who were hearing about Jesus on this day. The best part – Jesus is still alive!!!! His resurrection happened and we can celebrate that every day not just every Easter. The good news is still good and still real. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

During this quarantine, focus on what is good and what is the same. Your love for your family is the same (hopefully deeper, even though some days are challenging). Your friends are still there even if you can only talk 6 feet away wearing masks or via Zoom. God still loves you the same, if not MORE. God is on His throne. Jesus is alive.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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