To be present with God is to be absent from something else.

This is the quote that stood out to me in the sermon yesterday. When I choose to spend time with God, I am choosing to not do or be somewhere else. What do you need to be absent from so you can be with God?

Longer time in bed

Watching morning news

Scrolling through Facebook

Working on your hobby

Chilling in front of the TV

Chatting with a friend via text

Checking email

Organizing your junk drawer

Those aren’t bad things to be doing. However, taking the time to be with God can easily replace those activities. My point isn’t to shame anyone. My desire is for you to see where you have time in your life. Spend the time you would have spent scrolling through social media with God instead. Scroll afterwards. The time you spend on your phone or tablet could be time with God. 5 minutes or 30 minutes or more with God will alter your day in a way none of these other activities can. I’m not asking you to give up these activities, I am encouraging you to see that a simple restructuring of time can lead to a rejuvenation of your soul.

I scroll through Facebook and I spend time with God. I chill in front of the TV and I spend time with God. I just reversed the order. I used to only do my morning porch tea time with God on days when I work later. Now, I eat my breakfast on the porch while I talk to God instead of eating in front of the TV. A simple switch has changed me. My attitude is much better during my work day. My heart is full, not running on empty. I have a peace I don’t have when I start with breakfast in front of the TV. What switch can you make in how you order your day?

“He said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” ~ Mark 6:31

Make time today. Choose time with God and choose to be absent from something else.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

P.S. Today is Memorial Day. Thank you to all of you who served our country. I pray for those of you who lost loved ones because of that sacrifice.

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