My daughter just graduated high school. Proud mommy moment. Let me brag for a few minutes about her – she is a salutatorian, in CSF and NHS and won sportswoman of the year for her school. Most of all, she’s a great human being and everyone who knows her, loves her. Many of you may be attending graduations or graduating yourself. It’s the season. Graduation is completion of academic study and the giving of an award to acknowledge that achievement. As Christians, while we are on earth, we never graduate.

We are to continue to learn and study God’s Word for our whole life. We will never fully understand it all until we arrive in heaven and gain full understanding. I want to encourage us to be life long learners of God’s Word. You don’t have to take Hebrew or Greek or study apologetics. Just read a bit every day. Let the truth run around your head a bit. Let it settle into your heart. Yesterday I reread the 23rd Psalm in the Message translation. It spoke to me in a new way. A new translation brought light to a Psalm I know by heart. God’s Word is always dynamic.

For those of you who say, I don’t have time to study His Word. Truth is, you don’t have time not to. You can read a verse when you wake up and ponder it through the day. You can have a verse a day calendar on your desk. You can have a calendar with a verse on it and focus on that through the whole month. You can even memorize it. When you have a day with extra time, dive deeper, journal about it, pray about it, and/or discuss it with a friend.

Christians don’t graduate or retire. We are active learners and servers for our entire lives. We are here to bring glory to God, draw close to Him and help others develop a relationship with Him. You can do that for your entire lifetime. Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop reaching out to Him and others.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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