90 and Counting


My dad turned 90 this month. I am so grateful he is here and in great shape. I wish mom was still here to celebrate with us. My sister and I gave him a surprise party with his friends at the gym he goes to every day. What an amazing day. The next day my devotional had the following question: “Imagine it’s your ninetieth birthday. What kind of tribute would you like to hear? What accomplishments do you want mentioned? What character traits do you want to be known for?” God is so cool. I love His timing which is perfect.

At my 90th, I hope to be healthy and able to communicate and know everyone at my party. I want to have friends and be seen a good friend. I desire to be known as a woman of faith. I would love to be surrounded by my children and their children.

As I write this, I realize, I have this now. I am relatively healthy (still have my Covid weight to work on). I am a good friend and have good friends. I am a woman of faith and those that know me experience that. My kids are young adults and I love when they are with me (2 are off at college). So if I’ve already achieved a lot of my hopes for my 90th, how do I keep these part of my life thriving until then?

My health needs to take a higher priority in my life to get back to an optimal weight. I have a plan and am implementing it now. My mind is being challenged with work and learning. Trusting that will keep my brain healthy.

I need to keep investing in friends I have, but also keep making new friends. My dad’s friends have developed over the past few years at the gym. He still has friends from his past, but his daily life interactions are with those in proximity. I see that not being open to new friends as I age, would limit me greatly. My closest friends today will always be in my life but may not live nearby. Life draws us to new homes, jobs, and situations. Staying open to friends in new contexts – especially those nearby – is required in life. As you reenter the world after the Covid lockdown, be intentional in your friendships (old and new).

My faith is a daily choice. I won’t lose my salvation but I can lose my closeness and awareness of God. Daily I must be with Him. Daily I must learn from God. Daily I must be in His word, praying, and relinquishing control to His will. Someone could “fall away” from God and reclaim faith later in life. I strive to stay strong in my walk with God. He is my strength, my rock, my guide, and my hope.

Keeping my kids close is about intentionality in parenting. I have young adult children. I am more of a coach/encourager with my kids these days. To be intentional at this stage of parenting, is to listen more and speak less. When I lecture or question, it drives a wedge between my kids and I. Being on my knees for them is my most powerful tool to guide them because I am asking God to guide them. Pray, pray, pray. When I have time with my kids, I strive to love, love, love and laugh, laugh, laugh.

Friends, who do you want to be when you are 90? How do you want others to describe you? What can you do today to bring that reality into your life today? I encourage you to take a moment to answer these questions and ponder.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

P.S. I apologize for my absence to my blog last week and being late this week. I’m missed writing and reaching out to you.

2 thoughts on “90 and Counting

  1. chjournalist

    I want to be at your 90th B day party if the Lord is willing! So grateful that we get to pray together for our kids!!

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