This is Us


I promise – no spoilers!!!

If you are a fan of this show, you know the series finale happened last week. I absolutely loved this show. It gave us permission to feel our feelings, share our truth, be messy, and be real. The only thing missing in this show was faith. If they had Jesus, it would have been a perfect show. This show allowed the viewers to see humanity played out in a fictional family. The writers are incredible. I hope they write another show or movie soon. If you haven’t ever watched, or maybe stopped halfway through, join in. You will cry a lot, laugh some, but most of all, you will think.

“A Really Lovely Show About Flawed But Lovely People at a Time When the World Needed a Little Bit of It.” – Dan Fogelman- the creator of This is Us

I know TV is just TV but sometimes it strikes a chord in our nation. This show did. I believe it allowed those who truly investing in watching it and loving the characters, a chance to grow. One of my favorite scenes is when Rebecca shares the most honest mom feeling in the world in a counseling session with her kids. The next day on Facebook, I read several posts from my mom friends sharing how relieved they felt that they weren’t alone in having those same feelings.

I love stories. I invest in good stories. If I’m reading an incredible book, I don’t put it down. When my kids were little, I didn’t read a lot of fiction because once I’m invested, I can’t stop reading. This is Us did that for me, but only for 42 minutes at a time. A good story can be an escape. A good story can also be a teaching tool. When you identify with the storyline of a character or the feelings of a character, you can see alternate paths and choices for yourself. We saw Rebecca as a tired mom of babies. She was a woman who put dreams on hold to care for her kids full-time. We saw her struggle in her marriage and enjoy her marriage. We got to see 3 adult siblings face life too. I didn’t identify with each character’s crisis. I did relate as a person who had to be there while someone they loved went through a crisis.

This is Us is over. I am sad. I tear up when I think of various scenes throughout the years. I loved the story. I loved the free therapy. I loved an opportunity to cry. Now, I have the chance to apply what I have learned. I can embrace all the moments of family – big, small, intense, funny, and best of all, loving.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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