Covid & Casseroles


I have been the recipient of many yummy meals during my battle with Covid. The casserole brigade was on it. Do you have any casserole friends? A few of my “casseroles” were Door Dash. Some meals were homemade. Several friends delivered supplies from the grocery store and pharmacy. When someone is sick, grieving, caring for a loved one, or just having a bad day, a “casserole” makes all the difference.

I’m not a traditional casserole person. I am a “casserole” person. Which means, these days I rarely make a true casserole from home. When I was in MOPS (mother’s of preschoolers), we had a meal train when someone had a baby. I would usually bring a homemade casserole. It stressed me out every time. What I realized, I’m not a casserole person. I love to cook. Just not double. So, I will bring a rotisserie chicken, rolls, salad, and dessert to a friend in need. With the rise in companies like Door Dash, that works now too. Whether you are a casserole person or a “casserole” person, providing a meal to those in need makes all the difference.

If you friend has a bad day, what do you do? Call? Text? Send a card? Drop off flowers? Send a gift on Amazon? Nothing? I hope you do something. If you do, you are a “casserole” person. Providing a meal is just one way to meet a need.

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

~Hebrews 13:16 ESV

Think of the last time you were a recipient of a “cassserole.” I shared a few weeks ago about food, water, flowers, and friends checking on me when I had Covid. All were such a lift in my spirit. Even a text asking how I was doing, lifted me up. Before you discount what you have to offer, remember, you don’t have to cook. Think smaller. I sent a friend a stuffed animal when she didn’t feel good. I know we are in our 50s but who doesn’t like to snuggle a stuffed animal when sick. Text a picture from the past to relive a fun memory. Send a Bible verse – through text or in an image with a pretty scene or in a card sent through the mail. Call and leave a message of support. I have a friend who used to leave heart-shaped helium balloons on Valentine’s day. Leave a balloon on your friend’s porch. Think random – outside the box – fun – encouraging. Whatever would bring a smile or a tear of remembrance.

Be a “casserole” friend this week to someone.

Dream Big! Pray Big!


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