How long does it take to decompress from a stressful month? I’d say more than a week. In my last blog I tossed so many items from my home. Mostly expired food, shoes and miscellaneous kid stuff got removed. I felt like I was going to be on a roll. The Monday after school ended (2 days after my last blog), the blahs hit. Myself and my kids were exhausted. We were tired every day even though we could sleep in or rest in the daytime. I quickly realized that we were decompressing. I realized we are only a few days into summer but not out of stress mode from the last month of school. This past week, I relaxed with kids, performed a duet with my son, had some playdates, attended a few meetings, took tennis lessons with my daughter and a few other items. Nothing stressful. Yet, I found myself unable to kick the blahs until this week.

One year we went on vacation the day after school ended. It was stressful. Not the packing and stuff but everyone had attitude. I quickly realized we all needed a few days (or a week) of decompressing before we tackle any big summer fun. It showed me how much busyness truly impacts our brain and body. I just finished a great article about busyness. The article discussed multitasking and how those of us that do it think we are so balanced. Reality is, our creative mind is stifled by multitasking. We can come up with fresh ideas when we aren’t under the umbrella of a large to do list.

My list is very small these days. I find the creativity returning. I find my energy returning. I find my mind focusing again. I find my tiredness leaving. I was premature to say I was back in full swing in my last blog. I needed a week to recover. Now that I’m reentering the world of two item to do lists, I am realizing that I will be blogging whenever the mood hits me. I may be frequent in writing or weeks apart. I am letting my mood guide the blog this summer. It could be interesting or possibly empty. I am still aware of stuff that needs to go and I toss when I encounter it. I made tea today and my new frog tea leaf holder, fell apart in my drink. Ugh. I immediately decided he is gone. I found old tea, OLD 2010 tea in the cupboard that I got rid of. Even an old pack of Dream Whip (have you ever made Dream Pie? Yummy!), hit the trash. Here are the pictures (the frog is the main picture today.)


I am off to bed. Tomorrow I have a talk to finish on the importance of connecting with one another. I look forward to that creative time. I hope you are out of busyness and into summer. I am dipping my toe into the water of summertime. So glad to be in relax mode finally.

Dream Big!

My break is over


I’m literally sitting at a graduation ceremony right now. Our friend and babysitter is graduating from Cal State University, Los Angeles. What is it about hearing “Pomp and Circumstance” played over and over that makes us nostalgic? I loved college. I graduated from UC Irvine. Go Anteaters! I truly enjoyed that season of life. I am sure I will take classes again at some point. I love to learn. I would love to get a theology or women’s ministry degree. Someday maybe. Yet, I digress.

‘Tis the season of completion and the start of summer. I have no idea what I tossed but here are pictures of stuff from the fridge, piles from the corner of my bedroom, shoes and empty shoe boxes from my closet, workbooks for young kids, food from the freezer that was unrecognizable and other junk. Day two of summer and I’m back on track.


I’m happy to say that a month off didn’t deter my determination to complete this resolution. Maybe we need rest from our goals once in a while. The key is to return to them. Some of these graduates are married, parents, spent time in the military and other detours from their degrees. Today they accomplished their goal. If your goal/dream is from God, your path will return to its course. In “Hinds Feet in High Places”, the main character wanders the desert for a time before returning to her climb up to the high places. God never left her and she, although wavering in faith a few times, knew He was there.

It’s summer. Time to return to your pursuits or maybe time for a hiatus from them. Whatever your direction, enjoy. Know that I’m back in gear and look forward to a summer of simplicity.

Dream Big!

Priorities and piles


It has been too long. Thank you for your patience. As I have been whining about in the past two blogs, I am still busy. School is out this week. We have four more incredibly busy days. Good busy though. Is that possible? Yes. These are good things. Bowling party, class snacks, awards and promotions and picnics and … Let’s not forget the World Cup Soccer starts this week too. (I am a true soccer mom.)

I haven’t blogged since the 18th of May. It’s now June 8. Wow. I think I will wait until June 18 to toss anything just for an even month of not tossing. I must say, I am not feeling guilty. I miss blogging. I miss our remote connection. I miss chatting about stuff. Yet, I don’t feel like I have broken my commitment. I know I will get on track again. I have chosen a different road for a few weeks (a month I guess). My priorities are right.

In life, we are faced with tasks, commitments, opportunities and choices regularly. If my son says “let’s play a board game” and I need to scrub toilets, the toilets can wait. If your boss says “finish this task before the end of the day,” lunch out is rescheduled. If my blog commitment is to toss one item a day and my world is full of end of the year tasks and opportunities and parties that bring great joy to my children and their friends, I wait to toss. Could I find time in between these events to do some decluttering? Yes. I preferred to use that time to work on my book (my other writing goal) or meet a friend for lunch or sit and watch one hour of decompression TV. Are my priorities straight? To me, yes. To you, maybe not. The key to priorities is that they are personal. You can choose to judge my choices but remember I am free to judge yours too. (I shouldn’t but sometimes I do, sorry.) I hope you see my temporary delay from decluttering as a freedom for you as well. The freedom to consciously choose a temporary delay in a goal to meet more pressing needs and wants. These pressing needs and wants happen to be supporting my children in their endeavors. As crazy as schools make the end of the year, the priority to me is to be there to support my kids. Concerts, open house, ice cream parties, bowling parties, award ceremonies, track meet, whatever. If they want me there, I will be there.

If you are feeling the pressure of what you should do and what you deem as a priority, please choose your priority. If you wonder if your priorities are right, ask God. Evaluate them with Him. Look at what He values – love God and love your neighbors as yourself. If your choice falls in those categories, take the path. It’s a season to let go of guilt, enjoy the pleasures of end of school activities and delight in those you love.

Love you.

Dream Big!