Margins revisited


I literally thought I blogged last Monday. My dear friend just emailed me and said, “did I miss your May 15 blog?” I went online to check my blogs and sure enough, I didn’t write one last week. I had no clue that had happened. In my defense, it was my daughter’s 14th birthday and I had a cake to bake and presents to wrap but still. The fact is, I planned to sit down today and follow-up on (what I thought was) last week’s blog on Margins. Well, here’s to continued limited margins. They were so tight last week, I goofed. I wonder what else I missed.

My past 2 weeks (that I thought was only 1), I did savor my margins. Did you? I had thirty minutes at a coffee shop where I sipped iced tea, ate a sweet treat and read my book. During my daughter’s piano lesson, I stayed in my car and chatted with a friend on the phone. I took time to read these past two weeks. I usually let that go when I’m busy but reading gives me joy and calms me. Diving into a book became a go-to in my margin times. I found a devotional book with short chapters so I could read them in a five-minute margin in the car line at school. I drank a lot of tea the past two weeks too. If you are a regular follower of my blog, remember my “cup of tea a day” year? If not, what I did was drink a cup of tea a day for a year and recorded where I was and who I was with for each tea sipping. For me tea is relaxing because it requires you to slow down. It’s impossible to gulp a hot tea.

Focusing on margins and enjoying them helped me with this busy May. However, it wasn’t full proof. I didn’t make time to exercise. Getting sweaty requires a shower and I didn’t have time for a workout and a shower in my mini margins. I do meal planning for our family but purposely scheduled a few nights of take-out to make life easier.

In just a few weeks, I will have a ton of margins. How to fill them will be a topic of another blog. As for this week, I plan to soak in two music concerts by my children along with Open House. I will say goodbye to a beloved yoga teacher who is moving away. I look forward to a quick tea with a friend. I plan to spend time with God through devotionals, online sermons and lots of prayer.

Keep seeking margins. Keep seeking God. Keep seeking relationships over to do lists. Keep being kind to others and yourself.

Dream Big!

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