How are you? Fine. I am sure many of you were greeted this way at some point this week. Either you said ‘fine’ or you got the reply ‘fine’. Typical, non-committal answer. I even gave it as my reply this past week. However, my friend said, “you know what ‘fine’ means right?” I had no idea.

F: Frustrated

I: Insecure

N: Neurotic

E: Emotional

So when you reply ‘fine’, you are giving a deeper insight into how you really are. I almost always say fine when I am not. It’s the answer when you don’t want to be real or go deeper or you don’t trust the person with your reality. Next time you say ‘fine’, think about why you are giving that answer.

I have been frustrated this week. I was given wrong information from a company and when I interacted with them, our transaction took so much longer because of the inaccurate info. I felt insecure this week when I joined a new book study. I only knew one person in the group and had previously met another years ago. It’s a bit daunting to sit in a group of 8 women and start sharing honestly. However, by the end of the time, I felt comfortable and I already know these are great ladies. For the purpose of this article, I am defining neurotic to be “unstableunbalancedmaladjusted.” Definitely unbalanced while summer schedules are kicking in and mom chauffeur is back on duty. As for emotional, that’s just a given these days.

I encourage you to answer directly when someone asks how you are. It will catch many off guard. However, you may be surprised at the conversation that follows. When you ask someone how she is doing, if she replies ‘fine,’ ask if they really are fine. If they don’t go deeper, that’s OK. If they do, listen.

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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