Humility on the road


In today’s sermon, the pastor defined humility as putting others before yourself. He said it’s accommodating another person when you know they are not in a position to repay you. He gave many examples but when he started talking about humility when driving, I was convicted. He said humility is letting more than one car merge in front of you. I never do that. What really hit me was when he said getting angry when you are driving is showing self importance and not humility. I am on the road a lot with my job. I get angry a lot on the road. I never thought of it as “my time is more important than yours so drive better.” The source of my anger on the road, ME.

How can I be more humble in my drive? Accept it for what it is: traffic, bad drivers, distracted drivers, someone just like me trying to get home after a long day at work. I am hoping this new perspective will help me when I’m driving. I guarantee you this won’t be an overnight change. My exhaustion from working, my frustrations from the day and even my desire to be home will all work against me. I am going to be aware now of my road attitude and see if I can be more humble when driving.

Where do you need humility in your life? Is there a place in your life you can put someone else’s needs above your own, even if that person is a total stranger? Take time this week to see when you get irritated. It most likely is a place where humility can enter in. Look for opportunities to honor another even though they can’t, or won’t, ever repay you. Humility at work.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor. ~ NLT James 4:10

Dream Big! Pray Big!


2 thoughts on “Humility on the road

  1. chjournalist

    This reminds me how much I need to pray for my husband and my brother-in-law. Both of them have road rage that I often don’t understand. I pray that God will convict them that their time is not any more important than the time of others. Appreciate your honest sharing.

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