Week 11 – Greek chicken


This is by far my favorite dish I have made. Those cheesy potatoes were good but this one was great. My kids ate their entire dinner including the cucumber salad. Well, one kid only ate the minimum required cucumber but the other two had seconds. This dish was easy to make. Since the two sides are prepared in advance, getting dinner on the table took no time at all. So fast, that once again I forgot to take a picture.

I did vary the recipe a bit. I didn’t use bone-in chicken. I recommend if you plan to make this in the crock pot, as the recipe suggests, use bone-in chicken. Boneless chicken breast tend to turn out a bit dry in the crock pot. Next time I will still use boneless chicken breasts but will bake the chicken instead. The chicken rub made the house smell amazing.

I must confess, I do not like Greek yogurt. I know that I am breaking social taboo by admitting that the hottest craze in yogurt is not appealing to my palate. We tried flavored Greek yogurt for a month. The girls gave up on it quickly. My son and I tried but finally agreed, Yoplait is so much better. I was skeptical to make a sauce that had Greek yogurt as the main ingredient. However, the cucumber, lemon, mint, and garlic made it wonderful. Next time I will double the sauce recipe. We ate 90% of it. So Greek yogurt is welcomed again in our home – just not for breakfast.

Also, I would recommend using any leftover chicken (we had maybe a 1/4 breast left), and mix with the sauce to make a chicken salad. It is fabulous cold. I think I will make this recipe in the morning and serve it cold for dinner. Especially with our current heat wave, a cold dinner would be welcomed. Pita bread, hummus, cucumber salad, and Greek chicken salad. Yummy. As you can tell, I highly recommend this dish. Dig in and enjoy. Send me feedback after you make it.

This week reminded me of how much I love Greek food. The flavors are mouth-watering. My children love it too. It is a healthier style of cooking by using fresh and flavorful ingredients. I think I need to add a Greek night to our week. Hummus is often the kids snack after school. Having pita bread in the house has been good too. We love cucumber, cream cheese, and dill sandwiches (tea sandwich style). I realize cucumber is used in so many Greek dishes. A perfect compliment for this warm weather we find ourselves in. The best part of learning how to make this style of food at home is that Greek food can be so expensive. Cafe X20 in Monrovia is a tasty place for Greek food. The only drawback is that it is a hookah bar too. (Please read that carefully.) I don’t like my kids in there when people are smoking it. However, at lunchtime there is barely anyone there who does that. I can imagine dinner would be a different story. Anyway, try some good food there then go home and make it yourself. I need to search for a good marinade for chicken to make kabobs. I have a wonderful Tahini sauce recipe I made last summer. At least I can honestly say the phrase “it’s all Greek to me” doesn’t apply here. I can actually create some tasty Greek treats. Baklava will be featured one of these weeks. Yummy.

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