The Fog Hug


I wasn’t going to blog this week since it’s Wednesday and I hadn’t done it yet. However, I find myself with a few minutes and an idea. Thanks for your patience this week.

I was driving to work today. The sunrise made the sky a soft pinkish color. There were a lot of puffy clouds and fog. The fog tinted the pink to make it more purplish. Purple is my favorite color. I reached for my phone (yes I was driving) then stopped myself. 1. The phone would never capture the colors and nuances I was seeing. 2. This was for me to soak in.

I felt a huge hug from God in that fog. It was tinted purple and it enveloped me. The sky had a surreal feel to it as I stared at it through my windshield. God wrapped my car in this fog. I felt a legit hug. I smiled and even laughed a bit. The joy bubbled up and overwhelmed me. It couldn’t be caught on film or even fully described in a blog. God and I had a moment. I savored it. I smile thinking about it. I am ready for my day because of it.

Have you experienced Him yet today? If not, look for Him. He’s all around you. The daily verse on your calendar is for you. The hummingbird who lands on the flower next to you is for you. The person who lets you merge in traffic is for you. Look for Him. He was in the fog for me today in a way that surprised me. Let Him surprise you today!

Dream Big! Pray Big!

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