Remember me? I’m the blogger who said she would get rid of one item a day. I didn’t get cold feet. I didn’t give up. I have 6 items to get rid of since it’s been 6 days since I last wrote. Since then my son had baseball opening ceremony that I missed while my daughter’s improv team competed in Redlands and won first place. Awesome!!! I returned exhausted after being gone 13 hours and I didn’t even compete. I may have won loudest mom when I screamed when they won. The next day was that same daughter singing in her ensemble at church only to rush off to my sons playoff soccer game. They beat the undefeated number one team and went onto finals. They tied, had two five minute overtimes and lost in penalty kicks. Great day. I rushed home to watch the Oscars without a party for the first time in 24 years. Long story but with the last minute playoff game and the guest list dwindling as the day progressed, I needed to call it off. Hopefully I can resurrect it next year. Those are a few of the distractions the past week. I had some disappointments in relationships as well but I’m tired and rehashing it would keep me up all night. So on with the list of six items.

1) a jar for making salad dressing

2) a candle that is waaaaayyyyyy to scented for me (it was going to be an Oscar party door prize but no party, time to get rid of it’s scent in my home)

3) an old Oscar centerpiece that was showing its age

4) a broken teaspoon – it’s a spoon that holds loose leaf tea. I saw it broken next to the dish drainer and tried to fix it. I realized I have more and it’s futile so I trashed it.

5) a small bottle of ginger perfume that still has too much of a scent for me and I have no recollection of why I even saved it. It was in the back of my makeup drawer. That drawer could fill a week of stuff to toss I’m sure.

6) another jar for making salad dressing but this one has the ingredients for like 6 recipes and the line to show you how much to pour in of each ingredient. This is the main part of the blog. This item should be #2. I saw both of these jars together. However, I couldn’t part with this one until today. The recipes on the bottle is so helpful. However, in all the years I’ve owned this, I don’t recall of time I ever used those recipes or the measuring lines. The key in this last sentence is “all the years.” I struggled pulling it down on day 1 with the other one because I wasn’t ready to part with it.

If you look closely at the label you will see the word Gemco on it. Do any of you remember Gemco? It was the Target of my childhood. We got our prescriptions there. We had our film developed there. We shopped for clothes there. It was a pre-Target. I think we visited Gemco weekly when I was a child. When I saw the logo on the bottle, I was shocked. Memories flooded back and my desire to keep this unused bottle grew. As I type this I am tempted to google Gemco bottles to see if it’s worth any money. Seriously? Who wants an old bottle for making salad dressing from Gemco? It’s so old the glass will probably break if I tried to put anything inside of it. I took the picture of this item purposefully so I could look back at it later if I miss it.

As I sit on my bed typing this blog I realize the longer I type, the longer I get to keep it. I don’t know if you relate to this at all. Again, I’m surprised by the power an unimportant object has over me. The link to my childhood, the waste of me never using it that much (guilt), the hope of making homemade salad dressing and not having a container to do so, and the pull of stuff to keep me from release.

I’m tired. The bottle is old. Gemco will forever be in my heart. It’s gone.

I will write again much sooner. Forgive my delay.

Dream Big!

P.S. The temptation got to me and I googled it. There are a ton of these jars out there. They cost about $4. So if I have remorse, I can always buy one on ebay.


4 thoughts on “Gemco

  1. Leslie Shafer

    I, too, remember Gemco with fond memories of my childhood. I remember that you had a membership card when you walked in the door but I am not sure what you had to earn “membership”. It certainly couldn’t have cost much or my Mom certainly would not have been a member. I’ll remind you of our childhood if ever memories fade! Proud of you for continuing to dive into this challenge!

  2. Gina

    Wow! That was a busy weekend! Sorry about your Oscar party. I have a doll that I had as a baby. They didn’t have cute little dolls with movable arms and legs back them. This thing is scary looking! I haven’t been able to get rid of this doll! I think with us moving this week it just might make it to the trash 🙂

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